Are you an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) wholesaler or retailer, distributor, reseller, a vape store owner, or planning to establish an e-liquid business which is now a growing and emerging industry? Then you should get some idea of buying wholesale e-liquid products for your growing business. Know more about wholesaling and the importance of choosing e liquid flavors for your business. Café de Vapor offers a wholesale program that gives you a competitive edge and promising ROI.

Wholesaling: Wholesale buying means buying direct from the manufacturer and ordering in large amount or volume. In purchasing e liquid wholesale, prices come to be the first and biggest aspect. The primary reason why some businessmen opt to purchase e liquid in wholesale is to cut cost. Getting a lower e liquid wholesale price gives you a larger profit than purchasing in small amounts. It means you are buying hundreds of bottles but the cost of each bottle can be obtained in cheaper amount than the original price of per bottle. Another thing is you can also cut the cost of the shipping fee if you buy in volume than keep on shipping small amounts whenever you need it.

The Flavors: Nicotine liquids or the so-called e liquids or e juices are best enjoyed if it is with different flavors than unflavored ones. Vapers gains more satisfaction when different flavors are combined to satisfy their cravings. The strength of the flavored nicotine varies also from 0mg to 54mg. Some of the best recommended flavors when it comes to wholesaling e liquid are Butter Peccan, Butterscotch, Caramel Coffee, Green Apple, Menthol, Strawberry Kiwi, Tobacco and Vanilla Custard. So to attract more customers, offer a wide range of best selling flavors to your customers. And before dealing with any manufacturer, make sure the e liquid wholesale prices won’t affect the quality and safety of the products.

The Edge: One of the best advantages of wholesaling e liquids is the chance to build your own brand and creating your own mixture of flavor. Usually manufacturers allow their wholesalers or distributors to give name to their products. Manufacturers also give access to their valued wholesalers or distributors to have access in the processing or formulating of e-liquids. You can get a chance to enhance your knowledge in this e-cigarette industry by achieving some details on how to mix flavors, selection of ingredients, packing and other logistics. Through this, you will be able to develop a brand of your own make it popular in your area.