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Now You Can Vape with Style
Buy Electronic Cigarettes from CDV. Café de Vapor is a true home of premium e-liquids and quality e-cigs. We also carry the best E-Cig brands offered in the market such as SMOK, Innokin, and Deus Mods. Lets not forget our top quality E-Liquids from Adam Bomb, Alpha Vape, CDVClouds of Icarus & Space Jam.

Our finest e-liquids have flavor that tastes like the real thing. Whether you are into fruits, mints. tobaccos or sweets, we are sure to reward you with your most sought daily vaping e-juice. Buy Electronic Cigarettes Online. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

MOD it B4 Your Vape It! MODS are for the skilled e-cigarette veterans who are looking for the premium taste and large cloud production.
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RBA’s are intended for experienced users only. They are for users that wish to create their own custom coils.
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We strive to keep our shelves stocked with Top Shelf E-Liquids and a mirage of flavors for any vapor enthusiast!
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What Inspired Café de Vapor
With technological advancement, e-cig is now widely used starting from the first generation Electronic Cigarette device up to the modern ones today. With a huge diversity of consumers, they began having different preferences in terms of e-cig configuration and e-liquid use. Vaping has now started building a healthy and fun community.

In dedication and support to customer’s wellness, Cafe de Vapor aims to let the consumers get the best of what they want, at the right time, and at an affordable price.

Why Cafe De Vapor
We don’t just offer exceptional E-Cig products; we also provide high-end technical support and customer services.

We pride ourselves with the following:

  • Premium E-Liquid
    Choose from a wide variety of flavors to satisfy all your flavor needs. We describe each flavor with very accurate details so you will not be misguided. We used our senses, not just flowery words to market our products.
  • Affordable Products
    Feel free to browse our products ranging from electronic cigarettes essentials such as mods, tanks, batteries, atomizers and e-liquids. All of the e-liquids on this site are made in labs in the USA. We ensure that you will get the real worth of your money.
  • We Care
    We have excellent and genuinely caring customer service representatives to serve you. Feel free to call us, email or chat anytime!