Switching over from regular cigarette smoking to e-cigarettes or vaping can be a very hard adjustment for any smoker, especially to older people. It takes a lot for a person to convince and reacquaint himself to a similar yet still different experience from what he is used to.

But for some smokers, the diverse selection of flavors available for vaping connoisseurs is exactly what has made the transition easier. Flavors range from the typical tobacco flavors, also adopting several rip-offs of famous brands, and there are also combinations such as butter pecan, caramel coffee, to the classic menthol, vanilla, and such. There are plenty of flavors to choose from when you buy e cigarette liquid online from established or reputable online stores like Café de Vapor!

Café de Vapor e-liquids:

  1. It helps you quit tobacco smoking gradually: First of all, many smokers will always choose a number of tobacco flavors when they start off with e-cigarettes. It’s only normal for you to still crave for it, as going cold turkey doesn’t always help. But according to most “vapers,” they soon begin to lose taste for tobacco and begin to diversify and prefer the non-tobacco flavors.
  2. It helps make the experience more enjoyable: Thankfully, more distributors and other small vape shops online continue to produce more varieties of e-cigarette liquids. Now, when you log on and check what’s available when you buy e cigarette liquid online, you are treated to a bevy of choices, plus many other variations.
  3. It helps to actually keep you off from the cigarette smoking habit: Calling it an addiction may be too much, but vaping is definitely a much better alternative to cigarettes. And many “converts” actually credit the various sweet and fruit-flavored e-liquids for keeping them off from cigarettes completely.

There have been plenty of critics though against flavored e-liquids, particularly the non-tobacco flavors as there are claims that it only tempts younger kids to try out smoking in the first place. But studies have shown that there is actually minimal effect as to more kids trying out smoking. On the contrary, limiting the number of flavors would only have an adverse effect as many vapers point towards variety as a major factor for keeping of cigarettes.

Everyone has their preference, whether you want to enjoy the taste of tobacco without the bad effects, or you could enjoy experimenting with other flavors. But thankfully, the choices are close to endless when you consider Café de Vapor to buy e cigarette liquid online.