A growing number of people are opting for electronic cigarettes for good reason and if you are planning to start up a business involving e-cigs then take the following into account:

Advantages: When it comes to advantages, you should always consider competition. Always expect that competition would be difficult especially if there is one close by or if there is one reputable store or online store who offers electronic cigarette liquid wholesale. On the other hand, if you will be the only one setting up a wholesale e-cig retailer in your neighborhood then chances are you can monopolize your customers in the area. You also have to consider pricing because if people can easily order online for less of a price including shipping as compared to visiting your store then maybe you may want to match what online stores are offering. If you have an online store then maybe you should consider thinking of a better promotional offer to beat competition.

 Flavor: Another thing that you should consider when it comes to electronic cigarette liquid wholesale purchases would be the flavor that you would purchase more as compared to other flavors. The only way for you to determine which flavor your market prefers is by conducting a marketing research. This includes surveys done online, or in person and gathering historical data and or studying the competition. You should also consider the safety and potency of your products. Is the nicotine content you are getting sourced from reputable retailers? Do your clients or potential customers prefer certified kosher or vegetable glycerin or PG Propylene Glycol or do you think the majority of your clients would prefer e-liquids that do not contain nicotine? At Café de Vapor, we offer different flavors and nicotine strength.

 Bottle Sizes: People have different preferences when it comes to their smoking frequency. Some prefer only having 15ml worth of e-liquid and some smoke more frequently than others hence they prefer 50ml sized bottles of e-liquids. Aside from e-liquid flavor, Café de Vapor also considers your bottle size preferences so feel free to browse the e-liquids available for wholesale.

 Shipping: As of present, a lot of business owners have an online store version of their business and it is important that you also set up an online store and offer the option to ship as well. Most online stores ship for free especially if the package being ordered from them is a whole lot or has a big return on investment to them.

Don’t hesitate to contact Café De Vapor if you are going for electronic cigarette wholesale.

2. Tips In Getting The Most Out Of Your E-Cig Juice

E-cigarettes are becoming the norm with most people these days not only because it is a healthier option than standard tobacco or cigarette but there are a lot of creative ways to enjoy your e-cigarette such as:

Steepening: This is one of the things that some people who do e cig liquid wholesale advice people who are new to the concept of vaping and even to those who are already seasoned. If your e-liquid does not taste well upon using it the first time, you may want to try leaving it for at least three days or so before using it again. No one really knows why this happens but after a few days, the juice’s color will darken and apparently, this effectively improves the juice’s flavor.

 Shake: Just like with some drinks, you need to shake an e cig bottle so that its flavor will be mixed more evenly as compared to just plugging it right away for vaping purposes. So if you want your e-cig juice to taste better then the first thing that you should do is to shake it thoroughly.

 Buy Pure VG/PG with Nicotine: If you want to enjoy strong flavored juices and have them last longer then what you should do is to cut on the liquids and replace them with pure VG or PG which has a lower amount of nicotine. What makes this experience or practice good is that it enhances the flavor and the vapor, and at the same time lessens the nicotine content of the flavor. Café de Vapor has a collection of premium e-liquid with different nicotine strength based on your personal preferences.

 Throat Sensation: This is a sensation that people who vape experience when they inhale a menthol-flavored vapor and it runs down their throat. You can experience a stronger sensation by adding pure grain alcohol like Everclear and the best way to do this is to put a drop or two until you are already satisfied with the strength of the sensation. Another flavor that also gives the same strong sensation is Cinnamon. If you are looking for ready-made juice with excellent throat hit, Café de Vapor is one of the best places to find it.

 Store in Darkness: The fact is that exposing liquid solutions in brightly lit areas can cause the flavor to turn out bad hence e-cig liquid wholesale retailers often advise people to store e-liquids inside dark areas or at least keep them from being exposed too much in places where light may potentially ruin their taste. At café de vapor, all e-liquids are stored in a cool, dry place to retain its finest quality and lengthen its shelf life.

 These are a few things that you need to consider especially if you are an e-cig liquid wholesale retailer who wants his or her customers to get the most out of their e-liquids.