Kinds Of Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits And Atomizers

Electronic Cigarettes have been in the market for a while now and there are countless products being manufactured on a daily basis to cater to every needs of someone who prefers to have a tobacco-free lifestyle. If you are one of these people and is looking for an electronic cigarette starter kit suitable to your taste and lifestyle then Café de Vapor is a one-stop-shop for you. There are many […]

Choosing Aspire BVC Atomizers

Aspire BVC Coil Head (Bottom Vertical Coil)
When we talk about the word “coil” in terms of e-cigarettes, it refers to the heating element of an atomizer, cartomizer or clearomizer. Know that every e-cigarette sold in the market is incorporated with a coil. A coil basically is a looped resistance heating alloy wire with one side of it being connected to a positively charged terminal while the other side is […]

Purchase Electronic Cigarettes at Café De Vapor

Looking for highly reputable e cigarette online store can be sometimes stressful. You can find a few but they don’t provide all your vaping needs. Some e-cig shops seem complete but the products are not high quality. If you are wondering where to purchase electronic cigarettes, Café De Vapor is a one-stop shop. You will feel relieved because almost everything you need about vaping is present here. You can […]

Tips When Picking E-cig Liquid Wholesale USA

These days it is common to see people hanging out in various establishments and enjoying their e-cigs. What makes e-cigs appealing to a lot of people is that it does not have the heath risk that a regular tobacco or cigarette imposes on the one smoking them. Furthermore, unlike the latter, e-cigs can be brought inside establishments that normally does not allow smoking because the fumes or smoke being […]

Facts About Wholesale E-Liquid Flavorings

So what exactly is an e-liquid? It is a simple solution that contains nicotine, flavoring, and diluents and all electric cigarettes require e-liquids to function and this is regardless if the e-cig is utilizing pre-filled cartomizers or a fluid tank system. Some notes that you should know about wholesale e liquid flavoring especially if you decided to contact Café de Vapor are:

Nicotine: This substance plays a big role with regard to […]

Importance of Choosing the right E-Liquid Wholesale Prices

Are you an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) wholesaler or retailer, distributor, reseller, a vape store owner, or planning to establish an e-liquid business which is now a growing and emerging industry? Then you should get some idea of buying wholesale e-liquid products for your growing business. Know more about wholesaling and the importance of choosing e liquid flavors for your business. Café de Vapor offers a wholesale program that gives […]

The Secrets of a Successful Online E-Liquid Juice Wholesale Shop

Selling products online is one of the emerging and most effective marketing strategies. By displaying your products through websites and through social media sites, you’ll be able to capture more customers. The following are essential tips in building a successful online e-liquid store just like what Café de Vapor is currently doing. Go over and know more about establishing one.

Use the internet to promote your online shop. Internet is […]

Buy E Cigarette Liquid Online & enjoy a Good Vaping Experience

Switching over from regular cigarette smoking to e-cigarettes or vaping can be a very hard adjustment for any smoker, especially to older people. It takes a lot for a person to convince and reacquaint himself to a similar yet still different experience from what he is used to.

But for some smokers, the diverse selection of flavors available for vaping connoisseurs is exactly what has made the transition easier. Flavors […]

Things That You Should Know When You Are Purchasing Wholesale E-Liquid

A growing number of people are opting for electronic cigarettes for good reason and if you are planning to start up a business involving e-cigs then take the following into account:

Advantages: When it comes to advantages, you should always consider competition. Always expect that competition would be difficult especially if there is one close by or if there is one reputable store or online store who offers electronic cigarette liquid […]

Ego Twist Starter Kit

We have designed this Ego Twist Starter kit to help you purchase all recommended parts and accessories necessary to set up your device. Each starter kit consists of a battery, charger, wall adapter, tank and spare atomizer.

At Café de Vapor we offer three different sizes of twist style batteries. You can select from the following:

The 900mah battery can be charged through the base of the battery. This particular size does […]