These days it is common to see people hanging out in various establishments and enjoying their e-cigs. What makes e-cigs appealing to a lot of people is that it does not have the heath risk that a regular tobacco or cigarette imposes on the one smoking them. Furthermore, unlike the latter, e-cigs can be brought inside establishments that normally does not allow smoking because the fumes or smoke being vaped by e-cig smokers are not dangerous to a person’s health.

However, if you are not experienced when it comes to picking your e-liquid then you may not enjoy your e-cig experience and the thing is that it is more challenging to pick your e-cig liquid than the actual e-cig itself because there are countless flavors out there to choose from and some of the flavors available for someone who vapes are; caramel coffee, butterscotch, butter pecan, green apple and many more.

Some of the things that you should consider when it comes to shopping for e cig liquid wholesale USA would be:

Taste: Your search is dependent on what kind of taste you are looking for in an e-cig. Are you looking for something that would have an impact down your throat? If so, then maybe you should try a menthol flavored e cig liquid wholesale USA. On the other hand, if you want something which has a tinge of caffeine in it, or you are someone who enjoys coffee then you may want to go for some caramel coffee instead. At the same time, you should also figure out if you prefer a taste that is closer to tobacco than a fruit.

Vapor: if you are someone who enjoys the sensation that inhaling a vapor gives you as compared to enjoying the flavor that the e cig liquid wholesale USA provides then you may want to go for more VG or vegetable glycerin in it. Keep in mind that e-liquids that tend to produce or generate a lot of vapor often contain a big amount of VG blend in it which also tends to reduce the sweetness of the e liquid. So the main idea is that if you want to inhale more then go for e-liquids containing a lot of VG content and if you want something sweet then go for those that does not have that much VG content.

Flavor: On the other hand, if you are someone who wants to enjoy an e-liquid’s taste and flavor as compared to the amount of vapor you inhale then it would be best to go for an e-liquid with a huge amount of PG as compared to VG. So if you are vaping an e-cig and there is a lot of vapor and or you are unable to enjoy the taste then it means that the e-liquid you have in your e-cig have more VG or vegetable glycerin than PG.


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